SAT1 + New SAT1 集中教育方案(SAT + IB English 专家- Daniel教师)

SAT + IB English 专家- Daniel教师

SAT1 + New SAT1 集中教育方案



★  教师介绍 : Daniel教师毕业于NYU Law SchoolUniversityof Michigan, Ann Arbor PH. Doctor专业从事教育工作6年以来由于在短时间提分快深受广大学生和家长的一致好评

The Instructor’s Past Teaching Experience

The teacher attended the University of Michigan, AnnArbor and was a PH.D. candidate in the Department of Political Science and alsograduated from the NYU Law School in New York.

The teacher has amassed more than 100 actual SAT testsets and more than 100 sets of actual Writing Section questions. When thestudents solve almost 70 or 80 percent of these sets, the students will see adramatic increase in their actual scores.

His teaching experience along with almost unlimited SATtest preparation materials will make his students overachievers in the targetedareas of SAT.

The teacher has taught the SAT and AP tests over 6 years.Not limited to teaching standardized tests like SAT or AP tests, while a Ph.D.candidate and student at the University of Michigan in the Department ofPolitical Science, for 3 years, the teacher taught many university evelcourses ranging from Introduction to International Politics, Introduction toComparative Politics, to American Politics. His teaching experience has beenlong and diverse. In Beijing, for 5 years, the teacher has taught many studentsattending international schools in the likes of ISB, DCB, and WAB, and many ofhis students got very high scores. One of his students got the perfect score of2,400 in last October test, and there were 5 more students who hit thethreshold score of 2,300 last year. And in January test, he expects morestudents to hit the 2,300 score or higher.


His class on SAT will get proceeded in the following way

0.  In most cases,when the students are already around the 550-600 score range in CriticalReading Section, the teacher will not address each and every question of thetest. The students will ask some questions that are considered difficult orwrongly marked and the teacher will explain these questions.

In addition, theteacher will direct the attention of students to some of other questions that are worthy of special mention and further explanation in class and the teacher will explain them in detail.

1.  This way ofteaching will make the most of the class time and prepare students best for thecoming test in the most efficient way.

2.  In any mid- orupper class for SAT, the teacher will supply other additional Critical Readingmaterials and Writing Section materials. Especially, when the teacher find thestudents lacking or not good enough in solving some of Writing sectionquestions, the teacher will supply many Writing Section materials (real testquestions collected and edited by the teacher)




1. SATⅠ基础班

对象: 未接触过SAT考试G7~9 学员, SAT模拟考试1700分以下的学员

上课时间: 一周一次一次三小时 [周二] PM.5:30~8:30 (预计)

授课方式: 语法+阅读, 单词管理(开课两月后每四周做一次单词TEST )

2. SATⅠ中级

对象: 达到SAT1,800~1,950分的学员(C/R: 400~500的学员)

上课时间: 每周2每次3小时[周一/周三周二/周四] PM. 5:30~8:30(预计)

授课方式: 模拟考试1 + 阅读/ 写作附教材(每周课后1小时单词test )

3. SATⅠ实战班

对象: SAT 模拟测试 1,950 以上(C/R: 570 以上学员)

上课时间: 2/3小时/[周五/周六] PM7:30~10:30(周五) / PM 8:30~11:30 (周六)

授课方式: 模拟测试题讲解(每堂课讲解两套+ Essay) (每周六单词管理test)

4. SATⅠ2,400满分备考班(限招5)


上课时间: 1/3小时/[周日] PM8:30~11:30  

授课方式: 模拟测试题讲解(每堂课讲解四套试题+ Essay)

5. SATⅠ1:1 VIPClass

对象: 备考时间为2-3个月需要短期提高分数的学员

上课时间: 1/2小时/[周六] 10:00~12:00 /12:00~14:00

授课方式: 为学生进行考点分析并总结技巧

6. IB English(Language&Literature) HL/SL

对象: 欲学习IB English A L&L所有学生

上课时间: 1/2小时/周四PM. 5:30~7:30

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