Crimson Leaders IB MastersTeamSummer 2015 IB Lectures

Crimson Leaders IB MastersTeamSummer 2015 IB Lectures

The best IB MastersTeam will bring IB classes to new heights!

Please get ready for the Summer Holidays IB course that will effectivelyserve as a preparation or a complex revision

Time: From 2015. 6.15 (Monday) for 6weeks

           All students whose holidays startat 6\22will be able to start classes from thesecond week.

What is specialabout our IB lectures?    

     1) IB Masters Team will prepare bothregular and special classes.

2)Every class is taught by a professional teacherand their experience will improve the effectiveness ofall classes.

     3) Students who are about to take for an IBexam will be able to practice HL questions andprepare to the finaltest.

     4) Those students who will enter the IBbeginners group will be able to prepare for the schooladministeredMock Exam in January.

     5) All students will receive advises on IAand will be mentally prepared to take the exam.

About the classes

1) IB Masters Team’s summer classes willbe taken in the form of a composite group.

Every student will be allowedto choose 3 non-language subjects from those he\she takes at his\her school(ex. Math, Physics, Economics)

2) Most of the classes will be taken inEnglish.

3)3 times a week every student will have3 classes a day and every class will last for 2 hours (6 hours a day).

4) Optionally, student can take a TOK, Extended Essay Writing and Correction1:1 class once a week.

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